Why Us?

Netmojo is a joint venture between two creative professionals, web designer Lesley Scarff and copywriter Peter Manlow. Between us, we have over 30 years experience working for big brands including Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Hilton Hotels, ICI and Merloni. We’ve also worked on web projects for a variety of smaller companies and agencies.

Our goal is to help individuals, artists and small to medium sized businesses make a bold impression in today’s ever changing digital world. We want to teach you the skills you need to go ahead and design your own website or blog using all the great tools available in WordPress. Or if that’s a step too far, design a site or blog for you that’s bang up to date and easy for you to evolve.

Why choose us? Because we have so much web experience which we can pass on to you. Because we’re a very small but dynamic team without the overheads of big agencies meaning our costs are very competitive. And because we provide a personal touch with ongoing support, help and advice whenever you need it.